Fleet management and compliance

Comply with current regulations

Stay compliant with instant synchronization between driver logbooks and trip sheets. When selecting an activity such as loading or DVIR, the electronic logbook displays the corresponding hours of service status. A reliable, hassle-free solution for your drivers.

Enjoy peace of mind

Ensure fleet compliance, no matter where or when. With ISAAC, driver logbooks are always on track since they work independently of cellular networks. We know how critical your assets are to your operations, which is why we provide a solution you can count on.

Optimize hours of service

Plan trips efficiently based on the availability of your drivers with a real-time view of service hours. Meanwhile, your drivers can better organize their schedules with summaries of their remaining hours for the day, the next day, and the day after that.

Reduce violations with real-time notifications

Comply with Canadian and American hours-of-service (HOS) regulations thanks to real-time driver alerts. Drivers can better plan their days and hours of service using reminders on the ISAAC tablet. Automated alerts are sent to compliance managers whenever a driver is in violation.

Manage daily inspections efficiently

Keep your assets on the road. Speed up repairs by instantly informing your maintenance department of any defects identified during vehicle inspection. Information, including time, location, and photos, is sent automatically to help reduce downtime.

Take the stress out of roadside inspections

During roadside inspections, drivers can immediately display information from the last 8/14 days on the tablet. And because it is wireless, the tablet can be used outside the truck to show authorities reports, which keeps roadside inspections simple and hassle-free.

Reduce downtime

The best way to make proactive maintenance decisions is to be aware of diagnostic codes as soon as they occur. With real-time alerts, your team can assess the severity of situations and respond quickly. You can also use our automated reports to pinpoint your lowest performing trucks and make adjustments.

Automate IFTA, IRP and ThruWay reporting

Receive accurate odometer mileage by province and state, to save time and help reduce reporting paperwork.

Get rid of procedure binders in trucks

Quickly share procedures with your drivers. Provide them with training material and procedures in digital format on their ISAAC tablet. Ensure your drivers always have access to the latest documentation, even on the road.

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Hassle-free implementation

A team of dedicated project managers to help you implement the solution.

Responsive technical support

An efficient technical support team to assist you in using our solution to its full potential.

Transportation-focused R&D

A large R&D team focused on developing amazing new and innovative features.

Scalable solution

A solution that integrates with the most popular TMS on the market

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