10December 2020

Understanding Hours of Service in Canada

Regulations on hours of service help keep all road users safe by setting limits on driving time and requiring minimum rest periods for heavy vehicle drivers. Tired drivers pose a greater risk to their own safety and that of others. These rules apply to both truck drivers, who must comply with them, [...]

2September 2020

Key Steps and Tips for Effective ELD Implementation

Before getting to the meat of the matter and talking about implementation, let’s take a look at the stage that comes just prior—choosing your electronic logging device (ELD). You have undoubtedly already assessed the various options available to you based on your needs, budget, and goals. Used, amo [...]

19August 2020

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week

Checking brake system components is always part of the roadside inspection process; however, inspectors will be paying special attention to brake hoses/tubing during this year’s Brake Safety Week scheduled, Aug. 23-29 in North America. [...]

9July 2020

Using telematics to strengthen your safety culture

Does your company have a safety strategy? For many carriers, this is one of the most important aspects of fleet management. Having drivers that adopt safe behaviors, in addition to having well-maintained vehicles, favors efficiency and optimizes operations. Fortunately, technology can help to proac [...]

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