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Road Safety

25January 2019

Legalization of cannabis: the importance of policy for carriers

The legalization of cannabis in Canada in October has attracted a lot of attention. Carriers have had to create or revise their policies regarding drugs and alcohol to make sure they met legal obligations. Lawyer Shelley Brown was invited to discuss the topic at the ISAAC Leadership Summit, attende [...]

18July 2018

4 Proven Benefits of Dash Cameras for Drivers and Carriers

Drivers cover thousands of miles. They are always on the road, which implies they are also more likely to be involved in traffic accidents. Heavy-duty vehicles are massive, and are often the first to be blamed when incidents occur. However, the Ohio Department of Transportation has found that of al [...]

23January 2018

E-Coaching: The new approach to risk management

Are you doing your maximum to efficiently manage the inherent risks of your operations? As a carrier, you are responsible for your drivers’ safety and you probably want to protect your company’s reputation. State-of-the-art technologies can help you be proactive in evaluating your risks, as well as [...]

7December 2017

How telemetry helps prevention and security

During ISAAC’s Users’ Conference, Cain Lamarre lawyers Me Stéphane Lamarre and Me François Rouette, provided counsel regarding best practices for prevention and security. Leveraging telemetry data The main idea put forth by the two lawyers is that transporters should be prepared before ever being c [...]

15September 2017

Cell Phone Use While Driving: A Source of Distraction

Have you heard of coroner Ferland’s report on cell phone use while driving? Should the use of cell phones while driving be criminalized? Studies have shown it and statistics speak for themselves: cell phones are not viable options for using as on-board telematics devices. To ensure your drivers’ sa [...]

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