Ensure compliance with both Canadian and U.S. regulations

Electronic Logbook

Simple and automated

ISAAC offers drivers an easy-to-follow single-screen workflow. When selecting an activity such as loading, fueling or DVIR, the electronic logbook automatically shows the corresponding logbook status (off duty, sleeper, driving, on duty).

Automated driver logbook.

Eliminate Delays With Mobility

During a roadside inspection, the driver can immediately display information from the 8/14 previous days on his tablet. And because it is wireless, the tablet can be used outside the truck for showing reports to authorities, which keeps the roadside inspection simple and hassle free.

Proactively Reduce Hours‑of‑Service Violations

Manage your risks and avoid hours-of-service violations with automated notifications to the safety manager. 

Increase your productivity with efficient dispatching. ISAAC provides dispatchers with a real-time view on driver availability.

Comply With the ELD Mandate

ISAAC allows your fleet to comply with all current Canadian and United States regulations, including the ELD mandate.

Automate IFTA, IRP and ThruWay Reporting

Receive accurate odometer mileage per province and state, to save time and reduce paperwork for reporting.

Better Manage Vehicle Inspections

Keep your trucks on the road

Better manage vehicle inspection defects

During a vehicle inspection (DVIR), ISAAC’s mobile tablet lets the driver signal defects and include pictures. Truck ID, time and location are sent instantly to the fleet manager who can schedule repairs or provide appropriate roadside assistance. Accelerate the DVIR process, and make it to your customers on time, every time.

Rapidly Share Procedures With All Drivers

Get rid of paper procedures stored on trucks. Drivers can access digital training material and standard procedures on their ISAAC tablet. Save time and accelerate the sharing of up-to-date documentation on all of your trucks.

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