Drivewyze PreClear

Weigh Station Bypass Program

Increase your fleet’s efficiency and your drivers’ productivity by saving time at weigh stations with Drivewyze PreClear.

Benefits of using the weigh station bypass program:

  • Fuel savings

  • Improved safety with heads-up notifications

  • Optimized on-duty driver time

  • No transponders to install

  • Detailed bypass report showing time and money savings

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How It Works

At Drivewyze Sites

Over 700 sites participate in the Drivewyze Bypass Program. You will receive 2-mile and 1-mile heads up notifications, indicated by a blue banner, at these sites.

How It Works

At Non-Drivewyze Sites

Sites not participating in the Drivewyze Bypass Program give the following notifications: 2-mile and 1-mile heads up notifications with no blue banner. You will then receive a follow road signs instruction.

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