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The ISAAC solution is scalable and designed to meet both your current and future needs. Our telemetry recorder is fully autonomous and acts as a wireless access point to connect every device on board.

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The robust and ergonomic ISAAC tablet is designed to withstand impacts and tough weather conditions. Your drivers keep their tablets solidly anchored in the truck while driving and can use them outside the truck to collect electronic signatures, scan barcodes, or take pictures of defects.

ISAAC's telemetry recorder for truck fleet.,

Make the most of telemetry data

To make the best decisions, you have to be able to count on reliable, accurate data. ISAAC’s InMetrics telemetry recorder samples over 40 different parameters, up to 100 times per second – an unparalleled level of accuracy that makes the ISAAC recorder unlike anything else on the market. The big data it collects make in-depth analyses possible and drive the exclusive ISAAC real-time driver coaching.

different parameters
times per second

Always capture the true story

The ISAAC InView camera system combines irrefutable telemetry data with the power of video for an exhaustive understanding of critical events. The ISAAC InView dashboard camera helps you not only to understand the context in which sudden maneuvers and accidents occur, but also to identify drivers with hazardous driving habits. This way, you can act to improve the safety of all road users.

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A solution that integrates with the most popular TMS on the market

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Risk Management

Protect your company with undisputable data and undeniable video.

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