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Always Capture the True Story

ISAAC InView integrates perfectly with ISAAC’s Internet of TrucksTM. Its forward-facing and auxiliary cameras complete ISAAC’s undisputable data with undeniable videos to protect your drivers and your company’s reputation.

Complete your Undisputable Data with Undeniable Videos

Because it synchronizes with the truck’s telemetry data, ISAAC InView can quickly identify critical events and save only those you consider relevant: crashes, hard turns, hard brakes, etc.

Fully Integrated with ISAAC InRealTime

Critical event videos are uploaded automatically or on demand to ISAAC InRealTime. Once uploaded, they can be viewed any time.

Along with the videos comes telemetry data, to provide you with all the information you need to understand the context of the events with a few clicks.

Capture the Entire Event

Because the system is continuously recording, every video will provide 10 seconds before and after the event. This sequence, combined with an ultra wide-angle lens of 129˚, ensures you always get the true story.

Optional Auxiliary Camera

Because it is smaller than the forward-facing camera, it can be installed to capture different views from inside the cab.

Tamper proof

ISAAC InView includes a protective casing and an advanced malfunction detection system to prevent tampering.

Exclusive Discount for QTA Members

Are you a member of the Quebec Trucking Association (QTA)? Get an exclusive discount on the monthly cost of the ISAAC InView camera system. Contact our team to learn more about this promotion.

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