Leadership Team

Jacques DeLarochelliere


Jacques DeLarochelliere is the President and cofounder of ISAAC Instruments. Jacques’s passion for motorsports led him to design a cutting-edge telemetric system that improved racing performances of race car drivers.

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David Brillon

Vice-President R&D

David Brillon is Vice-President R&D and cofounder of ISAAC Instruments. He leads the software and hardware development teams which set ISAAC Instruments apart by covering all aspects of vehicle telemetry.

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Jean-Sebastien Bouchard

Vice-President Sales

Jean-Sebastien Bouchard is Vice-President Sales as well as a Partner at ISAAC Instruments. He is responsible for implementing the business strategy for the telemetry and telematics solutions designed and manufactured by the company.

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Josiane Lorange

Vice-President Culture, Development and Care

Josiane Lorange is Vice-President Culture, Development and Care at ISAAC Instruments. She envisions and leads organizational development initiatives to maximize ISAAC Instruments human potential and best exploit the innovation, leadership and management capacities of the team.

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Julie Phaneuf

Vice-President Client Experience

Julie Phaneuf is Vice-President Client Experience at ISAAC Instruments. She leads the ISAAC solution deployment team and is responsible for the execution and delivery of the best-in-class client relations.

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Melanie Charbonneau

Vice-President Marketing and Communications

Mélanie Charbonneau is Vice President Marketing and Communications at ISAAC Instruments. She is an innovative leader with a passion for developing a high-performance culture.

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Serge Larocque

Vice-President Finance and Operations

Serge Larocque is Vice-President Finance and Operations at ISAAC Instruments. He obtained an advanced graduate diploma in corporate finance after completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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