Good News for the Programme d’aide Écocamionnage

Announced by the Quebec Minister of Finance, Mr. Carlos Leitão, the renewal of the Programme d’aide Écocamionnage (Ecodriving subsidy program) is good news for transportation companies based in Quebec. This program introduced by the Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports, aims to reduce the environmental footprint of road freight transport, by fin [...]

May 1, 2017|

The Integration to TMWSuite is Completed

Following a fastidious process, ISAAC received TMW Systems’ certification after completing the integration of its solution to TMWSuite. This integration adds to the list of ISAAC's system integration. To learn more on which systems are currently integrated with ISAAC’s solution, see who Our Partners are. [...]

May 1, 2017|

The Canadian ELD Mandate is Coming

Last summer, ISAAC took part in the consultation round regarding the proposal of Canadian e-log regulations. During this round, ISAAC submitted recommendations to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) regarding the technical requirements of such devices in Canada. On April 3, ISAAC received the CCMTA’s final proposal. Based on the information presented in this document, [...]

May 1, 2017|

A Great Reward for Groupe Robert and Groupe Trans-West

Congratulations to Groupe Robert and Groupe Trans-West for winning the National Fleet Safety Awards at the Truckload Carrier Association's (TCA) 79th annual convention. This prize recognizes the best performing carriers in terms of road safety in the past year. Keep up your great work! [...]

April 3, 2017|

Groupe Robert Equips its 1 300 Trucks with ISAAC Instruments’ Telemetry and Telematics

Always in the spirit of investing in state-of-the-art equipment, improving road safety and reducing its environmental footprint, Groupe Robert chose ISAAC's telematics and telemetry solution. As the only Canadian company among the Top 50 Green Fleets 2016 of Heavy Duty Trucking, and twelve-time consecutive-year winner at the National Fleet Safety Awards Ceremony 2015 of the Truckload Carriers Ass [...]

February 8, 2017|
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