Improve fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs

Possible fuel savings : aerodynamics, telematics and ISAAC's telemetry.

Maximize Fuel Efficiency

Up to 15% savings on top of everything else

“We installed ISAAC Instruments’ vehicle telemetry on our 110 tractors. With the collected data, we’ve been providing our drivers with a performance report at the end of each trip. Thanks to this, we’ve improved our gas mileage by over 1 MPG. We made a quick return on our investment and by continuing to mentor our drivers, we maintain the positive effect on our profits.”

Denis Paquet, CFO

Driver Performance Monitoring Like Nobody Else

Obtain savings you didn’t think were possible

› Efficient approach of highway exits and traffic lights

› Proper Jake brake utilization

› Appropriate traffic anticipation

› Low upshift RPM when accelerating

› Low downshift RPM when going uphill

› Correct turbo usage while cruising

› Optimal cruise control usage

The Secret to Long-term Success: Continuous Training!

A recent study conducted by PIT Group revealed that training drivers is not sufficient to maximize and maintain long-term fuel economy. Detailed performance monitoring and sustained driver coaching is the secret to success.

Benefits of e-coaching on long-term fuel efficiency

Empower Drivers to Improve Profitability

ISAAC’s e-coaching provides driver performance feedback in real time, so he can improve driving techniques on his own while traveling. 

The driver can view his performance report while stopped and waiting inside the cab, and identify opportunities to save more fuel.

Benefit from Continuous Coaching

“The driver has a direct impact on fuel consumption, which accounts for over 25% of our expenses. If he is unaware of his performance, the driver can’t really improve. ISAAC’s tablet lets him see his results at any time, allowing our company to continually improve profitability.”

Jean-François Audet, President


Are your Drivers Reaching their Full Potential?

Your drivers have a good MPG score. Great! But what if they could do better? How about significant additional fuel savings every year?

Fuel savings from ISAAC's e-coaching
Fuel savings from ISAAC's e-coaching

The graphs above show how training and feedback lead to improved driving practices, generating significant fuel savings. The trial was performed on 2016 Freightliner trucks with the automated transmission configured for fuel economy. Drivers were monitored for four weeks to establish a baseline, and then had ISAAC’s e-coaching during another four weeks.

Try it on your fleet!

Quickly Identify Underperforming Trucks

“Some of our new trucks, which should have been efficient in fuel economy, were in fact burning 47 liters/100 km. We discovered from the reporting that overconsumption was not due to driver behavior, but to an engine configuration problem.”

Antoine Genest, Operations Manager




Get reports in your inbox automatically to identify marginal performance results. With ISAAC, the relevant KPIs are sent to the right manager at the right time, so proactive decisions regarding vehicle and driver performance can be made.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Truck maintenance is an important cost center for fleets. Maintaining best driver practices with daily feedback extends parts longevity.

1% savings in fuel = 1% savings in maintenance costs

Reduce Downtime with Real‑time Diagnostics

ISAAC pushes diagnostic trouble codes to the fleet manager in real time when fault codes occur on vehicles. These alerts allow your team to evaluate severity and react promptly so trucks can remain on the road.

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