Automate your operations to increase fleet productivity

Improve Customer Service

ISAAC’s real-time information enables you to meet your commitments

“Communication is the key of our operations. It must be efficient in order to offer service that is superior to that of our competitors’. When pushing the information instantly to the right manager, the right decision is made quickly.”

Claude Robert, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Optimize Productivity with Mobility

ISAAC’s mobile tablet offers drivers an easy-to-follow single-screen workflow showing pick ups, drop-offs, hours of service, DVIRs and other trip sheet activities.

Save time and reduce errors with electronic signatures, picture taking and barcode scanning to boost your productivity.

Communicate Instantly

Because time is of the essence, communication needs to be as efficient as possible. ISAAC InControl allows for instant messaging between dispatchers and drivers.

Don’t Let Detours Delay Operations

Integrated with ISAAC’s solution, the CoPilotTM Truck navigation system provides your drivers with the best itinerary based on the vehicle’s weight, width and height, and restrictions regarding the transportation of dangerous goods.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Drivewyze PreClear rewards your hard-earned safety score by providing bypass opportunities at fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites, directly on your in-cab ISAAC tablet and without a transponder. The service supports over 700 weigh stations and inspection sites across the United States and the Canadian province of Alberta.

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Prioritize Driver Activities

When a dispatcher adds or changes a trip, the driver’s tablet shows the updated workflow automatically, eliminating possible errors. ISAAC integrates with all major Transport Management Systems (TMS) using programming interfaces (API).

Single-screen workflow for truck drivers.

Accelerate Billing

1. Scan bills of lading to invoice clients without delay.

2. Justify price adjustments to clients thanks to an automated wait time log.

Using geofencing, know exactly when drivers arrive at client locations and how much time they spend on the premises.

3. Manage cargo with integrated barcode scanning to reduce delivery errors.

4. Capture electronic signatures to invoice clients without delay.

Simplify Customs Clearance

5. Scan shipping orders to accelerate the processing of ACE/ACI documents and avoid detours.

Facilitate Driver Payroll

Eliminate paper trip sheets

Paper trip sheets can be tedious for both drivers and accounting clerks.

With ISAAC, drivers enter activities electronically:

  • Trailer coupling/uncoupling

  • Loading and unloading times

  • Inspections (DVIR)

  • Layovers

The system automatically captures:

  • Arrival and departure times

  • Location

  • Distance traveled

It integrates with your accounting system to automate payroll, save time and gain accuracy.

Improve Driver Retention

“With ISAAC, I’m more efficient because the system is easy to use. I lose less time dealing with paperwork. I can concentrate on what I like, driving!”

Joël Patenaude, Driver

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