Manage your risk to remain competitive

Make your Drivers Accountable

« I can’t hold the steering wheel of all the trucks in my fleet, but I can provide my drivers with the best tool to operate as safely as possible. »

Jacques Auger, President

Prevent Accidents with Driver E‑coaching

Because you care about your drivers’ safety and your company’s reputation, you want to control your risks. How? By identifying risky driving practices and taking appropriate action.

ISAAC provides driver performance feedback in real time to reduce accidents and maintenance costs, improve CSA scores and lower insurance premiums.

ISAAC's e-coaching improves driver safety

Manage your Risk with Automated Notifications

Which drivers should you spend time with to review safe driving practices?

With ISAAC, safety KPIs are sent to the right manager, so proactive decisions can be made and accidents prevented.

Reconstruct Complete Accident Details

To avoid repeating the same mistakes, you need to understand what went wrong.

ISAAC continuously samples up to 40 parameters up to 10 times per second, to provide indisputable data for accident and incident reconstruction. The tool you need, so the story doesn’t repeat itself.

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